FAQ / Shipping / Payment


1. Are all the items shown on-line available for sale?

  • Yes. The website is updated regularly


2. Can I know the price of a particular item or items?

  • Yes, please use the enquiry button next to the item’s description: a button saying ‘Enquire’, or send an e- mail to antiquesarmoury@hotmail.com with your request. We would be happy to reply with information about prices.


3. Can I have a condition report on an item?

  • Yes. Kindly send an e-mail to antiquesarmoury@hotmail.com specifying the Item Name(s) and requesting a condition report.


4. How are items delivered?

  • We offer worldwide shipping. We sell to collectors and museums in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and South America.
  • Typically we use registered express for small items and specialist carriers for larger items such as EMS Courier. For smaller items this allows you to track your item. Items will reach most destinations within 3 weeks. Our Courier delivery is very efficient, fully insured with delivery rimes ranging from five to ten working days (excluding delays).
  • Should you require the courier deliver service simply contact us.
    Our Items are fully insured during delivery from door to door.
  • For our client based in Russian federation we can also deliver arms & armour to you region.
    We work closely with a specialist company who acts as the intermediary ensuring all the correct procedures are
    followed for importation.
    Once your purchase is confirmed the company is informed to arrange the service. We provide you with the contact information of our specialist and deal directly with them. All fees associated with this service are paid by the buyer directly to the specialist company. From our end we simply send the item to their warehouse and they take care of the rest.
    This process can take some time so we periodically check with both the buyer and the company to ensure the process is moving forward smoothly.
  • For our clients based in Australia and New Zealand kindly check with your local police department for information regarding importation and what is permitted. Taking a photo and details of the item so that you can get correct up to date information on restrictions and any licenses you may require.
    Kindly note that for any items confiscated or held by customs we are not responsible. We are glad to offer advice to guide through it so kindly contact us if you have any doubts.


5. How do I pay for items?

  • Paypal or Bank transfer are our preferred methods of payment.
  • We do accept credit and debit card, however to combat the rise in online credit/debit card fraud kindly contact us prior to you purchase.
  • Our prices are listed in Euro on the website but we are happy to discuss receiving equivalents in US dollars or Pounds by bank transfer.
  • We also offer a payment plan on specific items, payment are spread out over a period of time allowing for flexibility and ensuring you do not lose the item you have been after.


6. Do you guarantee your items?

  • Yes. . Our reputation is very important so we take great care when we research and select items for our collection.


7. How can I keep track of the new items that you have in stock?

  • When we acquire new items for sale, and once these items are researched and photographed, they are added to our website. There is also an option to search for recent purchases on the website.


8. From where do you acquire your stock?

  • The majority of our items for sale are from private collections from around the world.


9. How should one display and care for the items?

  • We are happy to advise on installation, display, lighting and care of items purchased.


10.  Is the website mobile friendly?

  • Yes you can load the site through your browser as you would on you computer.


11.  Do we accept offers?

  • Sure, you simply fill in our contact form with the item your interested in and your offer.
  • as long as the offer is fair and reasonable we will consider it.
  • Some items are already reduced and unfortunately cannot be negotiated and further.


12.  How to bid on our online auctions

  • Simply register or log in to your account from the “My Account” page and your ready to go, find the item your interested in and enter in your bids.