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Fine Antique Arms and Armour For SaleTHE PREMIER ARMS & ARMOUR DEALER

Since 2006, Antiques Armoury has served collectors, Fine, Rare Antique Arms & Armour of museum quality.

Our stock of over 100 items for sale includes medieval swords and edged weapons of all types, armor, daggers, battle axes, polearms as well as artifacts, art, and vintage collectibles.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector, or just starting out, Antiques Armoury has the superior selection of antique arms, armour, militaria and related items for every kind of collector.

Are you looking for a selection of pieces to begin your collection with? Check out our current stock of incredible edged weapons and militaria, from Britain, Europe, Asia the Middle Eastern and more.

Give our friendly experts a call and we will assist you with answering any questions you may have.

We even offer a Brokerage service which can help you with finding exactly what you are looking for. Our team at Antiques Armoury are constantly looking to expand our stock and knowledge base,so keep checking in or join our mailing list here under and be part of the discovery.



Fine Antique Arms and Armour For Sale, Numismatic, Art & Vintage Collectibles

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